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The Philosophy behind the TFCA technique
Técnica Física para a Conquista da Autoconsciência (portuguese)
or Physical Technique for the Achievement of Self-consciousness

What is it? How did it come about? And what is its purpose?

This is what we will see next.

To go in search of stars in outer space without exploring our inner space to know ourselves is the great drama humans on Earth are currently living.

From ancient eras until today much of humanity has only changed technologically. The planet became so small that we can reach any part of it quickly without any problems.

The planet is still struggling with fratricidal wars. The conquest of material goods or the slavery of thousands of minds to special interests, either political or religious.

The thirst for knowing something more about oneself is the key of the era we are going through. Because humans have always wondered about themselves, thousands of answers have been found, but they have left mankind stuck between doubting and believing.

Fantasy, mysteries and mysticism provide answers, in a mixture in which the human being remains confused between the real and the unreal, between what really is and what he thinks it is.

Achieving self-consciousness is to be really conscious not only of oneself but of the entire universe around us, free of preconceptions, labels, and limiting beliefs, experiencing through our day-to-day life, generation after generation.

In the narrative following this brief history, you will discover that which Maria da Aparecida de Oliveira, also known as Bianca, has to tell you.

She was born in Ewbank da Câmera, a small town in Minas Gerais, in 1947. In 1976, at the age of twenty eight, she had an unprecedented third degree contact with extraterrestrials. That contact opened her vision to unexplored fields of human existence, which amplified radically her entire understanding of life. Today Bianca tries to transmit to all who take an interest, the knowledge that she acquired in subsequent years, knowledge that demonstrates the infinite possibilities of being human.

TFCA - Physical Technique for the Achievement of Self-consciousness consists of a simple series of exercises which should be done diligently and with perseverance in order to achieve results in a gradual manner, that will allow each one of us to extend the notion of the world around us and of ourselves in relation to the Creator.


It is quite certain that we will touch upon a very delicate matter that has afflicted humans since it emerged with the first flashes of consciousness.

Since then, death is no longer a natural consequence of living for the Human Being, and man dove in search of the answers to these questions:

Is there life after death?

Following this question other questions came up:

  • If so, how would it be? Would it be a world of light or darkness?
  • Was this a world of form or not?
  • If there is no form, light, nor darkness, what would it be?
  • By dying, will we be launched to an empty space with soft lighting and a fine mist, where eternal peace reigns?
  • Does this world have a breeze, or is it cold and dark, or perhaps there is even pain, or does nothing exist after life, and death is the end of all, eternal oblivion ... Who knows?

After I started practicing the technique that was taught to me by Karran, I was able to receive the knowledge that I have today in this area. This technique has as its main goal the achievement of self-consciousness.

Karran said, "only self-consciousness can answer these questions."

Therefore I bless the moment that I was full of doubts, and he, Karran, helped me by saying:

"Get out of your body and you will see that you are a mind that can see, feel, learn and think. Then you will understand that the body is only a part of yourself and not the whole of you."

I confess that at that time I did not understand the words of Karran and never thought that one day I could understand them, because, like all humans, I couldn’t escape the rules. It was easier for me to think that I was correct in my beliefs than it was to seek confirmation elsewhere, as we almost never like to admit we're wrong, especially when it pertains to our religious convictions.

In the case of the spiritual world, it was always much easier to imagine it rather than to be a part of it. We were unable to participate in the spiritual world due to the big block that we suffer from ever since we had our neurons burned by the accident on Earth, as described by Karran.

However, based on his words, "our recovery is magnificent, and therefore we should no longer be content to imagine the spiritual world, but rather take part in this great reality, which is the absence of death."

It is good to remember that we are not here to say which group or religion is right in its convictions. Karran said: "Everything that exists, was or is necessary."

Therefore each one of us should undergo self-analysis, or perhaps ask ourselves these questions:

  • Does the spiritual world exist?
  • Am I ready to be a part of it?
  • Is my faith or religion enough for me?
  • Will I be able to face with equanimity the great reality that awaits me without my current beliefs?
  • When I find myself in this reality, will I not be too arrogant?
  • Will other people remain the same to me?
  • In possession of such knowledge, for which purposes will I use it?

If these questions have been answered, or this self-analysis has been done, I think... I hope that the only questions that remain are:

Who are you? What are you? And why you?

In order for me to talk about these three questions, I need to go back to my second contact with Karran. To clarify, in this contact, I had the opportunity to meet with Zirr , a person from a different planet than Karran’s.

Zirr left the comfort of his land in order to live among us and closely monitor our physical, mental and technological development.

It was Zirr who, when he realized that I had not understood Karran’s words, explained them to me:

"Bianca, we are talking about another kind of consciousness, which not limited to the knowledge you have.
Who you are is not limited to who you are now, but it is also who you were before this life, in past lives. "
"What you are is a study you will do about your physical body, so you can master it."
"Why you are is an understanding that you accumulate from your past lives and from the control over your body, and you will probably understand in the future the reason of this very moment." It is known that several groups have being working in search of self-consciousness. And this search did not start now. It probably began when man saw a lifeless body and cried because he felt the pain of loss.

At that moment a great question emerged in his thinking: "Is life just that? If so, living does not make any sense.

From that moment on, the great search began, the untiring pursuit of self-consciousness. And many were the rights and wrongs of humanity in search of such knowledge, for lack of real information.

Many were and still are the ways to go. Some people prefer the path of abstinence, others prefer self-flagellation and there are still others who seek the path of self-consciousness even through jejum and meditation.

Anyway, one way or another we all seek access the spiritual world. However, just a few succeeded. Unfortunately, some of which might be sure of life after death, whether from vanity or a lack of information, have changed their behavior. And the image left by these people to their followers or admirers obscured the access to the spiritual world.

These people, for some reason, have limited and still limit their lives, denying virtually everything in the physical world, often leaving the clear impression that being part of the physical world is the negative part of human beings; or that enjoying having a body is a proof of human imperfection. We want to remind you that this work is of fundamental importance to us humans. According to Karran, this is not the first time that these exercises are taught here on our planet. Unfortunately the objective of this work has always been modified according to the interpretations of the events that occur outside the physical body. We therefore hope that this does not happen now as we are in a new time and understanding.

Karran says that "interpretation of the facts, only shows a lack of understanding about them because if we understand, we do not need to interpret, we know. "

I would like to remember that I am not perfect in the eyes of most who work in pursuit of perfection, but I want to remember however that that this is not our goal for the time being.

Karran also noted that: everything that exists was created by the Creator, and He does not see any fault in his creation. According to his words:

"Only after we have access to ourselves is that we have means of knowing whether or not we are being consistent with the great Reality of the Universe".