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Possibilities of the Infinity - Introduction



When I decided to do this report, I thought of the people who, like me, had or have contact with inhabitants of other planets. After spending ten years trying to publish my contact to ufologists, scientists, doctors, psychologists, researchers and other groups by using many different means, such as meetings, lectures and even the Press, now I perfectly understand the reason why many of those who have such contacts prefer not to talk about it.

I’m sure that, just like me, they had been subject of doubt and disbelief when describing what had happened to them. But I also understand that the facts should not be omitted, and for this reason I decided to write down this report, hoping that my experience could help bringing answers to many of the long existing doubts and also to preserve the truth of what happened to me.

My contact began in the night of January 12th, 1976. Until then, I, as the majority of people, didn’t believe there could be life in other planets, and this disbelief wasn’t related to my education, but to the religion in which I was raised, the Assembléia de Deus, or God’s Assembly, whose doctrine doesn’t even consider the possibility.

At the age of 21, I met another religion, the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I didn’t get to be a very loyal adept of it, but I respected and admired its members, and therefore, I really didn’t believe that there could be life in other planets. But the facts had put me against a reality that was totally unbelievable for me.

That night, I saw, talked to and touched all of those things I didn’t even believe existed. Everything that happened to me that night changed my life for the better.

More than the fright, the shock and the impact of the first moment, my contact has given me access to knowledge that has deeply marked the meaning of my existence. The certainty that there is a Creator, of the origins of life on Earth, the reasons why we forgot about our origins, how to cure diseases and how to avoid them, and most importantly, how not to die made me euphoric and rapturous. My first impetus was to tell everybody about what had happened to me… And then I had my first disappointments.

People didn’t react well when I told them. Many of those stopped being around me after that, but my biggest disappointments were still to come, and were really striking in my life. After I started trying to get in touch with people who said they understood about ufology, it wasn’t hard to know that, among them, there were some that hadn’t even seen a UFO before. Those people lied and pretended to be in contact with other planets. In the counterpart, I got to meet many people who really fought and are still fighting to get this subject to the public eye, containing as much correct information as possible. So, I’ll fondly mention some names in this report, names of people who helped me a lot with their work. As for the others, I’ll not say their names, but I’ll mention some facts that showed me, in an unmistakable way, that we need to discern those who want to know and learn from those who just want to manipulate and control groups of people who, like me, looked and still look for answers and clarification about facts and doubts that awaken the deepest questions of the human consciousness.