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Possibilities of the Infinity - Foreword



“The union of the nations is necessary when trying to achieve knowledge. Do not stop searching. Your tiredness represents the end.”

(Horus Temple)



“Oh man, know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.”

(Delphos Temple)



“A man's character is his fate.”

(Heraclitus, the Obscure)



The force of mind is only as great as its expression; its depth only as deep as its power to expand and lose itself.




        Reports about contact with UFOs and extraterrestrials cause, in the majority of people, even those who have some kind of curiosity about the subject, reactions of doubt and discredit. Invariably, the news about flying saucers that come in the Press bring the idea of something intangible and mysterious, even when, as recently happened in Brazil, the flying disks or UFOs were seen by a man whose mental sanity is not doubted by anyone.
        I am referring to the flying objects seen and followed by the president of the country’s biggest state company, colonel Osíris Silva, in May, 1986. The seeking happened close to the city of São José dos Campos, in São Paulo. The fact, as many probably remember, was released by the aeronautics minister, after being authorized by the President himself.

        The evidence was so absurd that the minister called the Press and allowed the pilots of the planes who pursued the flying objects to give details about what they had seen and how the objects behaved. Besides being seen, the objects were also detected by the planes’ and the Cindacta’s – the Brazilian air traffic control center – radars. Lots of people know how common it is for the pilots of commercial planes to see unidentified flying objects and also for the airports’ radars to capture signs of round-shaped objects that move in the space in an unpredicted way, which indicates, at least, a great dominance of the spatial navigation.

        Even with all the evidence that there is more in the air than commercial flights, it is extremely difficult for the majority of people to overcome the limits of disbelief and doubt. And it is understandable. Even those who have seen UFOs, or those who have a conception of the physical universe that admits the existence of human beings in other planets, find it very difficult to imagine that the flying saucers and its mysterious crew could have something to do with us. After all, besides the technological impact, which leads us to the unpredictability of the total lack of parameters, there is not much time left for us to seek for deeper comprehension of the weird facts that are occasionally perceived by us and intrigue us.

        But what is going on, after all? Most of the people seem to behave like there is a tremendous risk behind asking this question and actually sparing energy to try to answer it in a way that relates to the experience. In a way, it is right. Until recently we did not have a way, or a method or technique; physical, verifiable, operational and tangible means that would put us on the way to solve the hidden mystery behind the vehicles that we call flying saucers. This book is, simply, the flash of light that breaks the mystery’s curtain and shows us the truth as it really is: simple and clear.

      However, we need to acknowledge that, in the absence of the means that this book brings us, we necessarily had to stay in the limits of our ignorance, armed with beliefs or suppositions and analogies brought by the official science and, like that, go forward, little by little, like we were blindfolded, touching our way to progress.
        Science, today, feeds us with calculations that show the high probability of intelligent life in other solar systems. However, it is hard to find a scientist that admits the existence of human beings just like us away from the Earth, and, it is even more difficult to find someone who believes that there could be a relation between those identical extraterrestrial humans and our own existence. And the reports about UFOs keep building up. (See Shi Bo’s book about UFOs in China.)

        But there is also an undeniable fact. Because of the current level of perception that most of the Earth’s inhabitants have of the reality, the UFOs and its crews and the whole subject, in general, has been surrounded by a cloud where the mysticism, the occultism and the esotericism get mixed up, mostly cultivated by the megalomaniac presumption of leaders, masters and gurus that present themselves as possessors of the last news and knowledge about the universe, the human life, its sense and its purpose, and, therefore, instead of awakening the spirits for the search, the investigation, they manipulate their defenseless minds.

        All of that and other important facts that will be enlightened throughout Bianca’s report have contributed for the flying discs and their crews to remain, like the Truth, hidden behind the veil of things that are believed to be known, together with the innumerable “Possibilities of the Infinity.”

        This book that you are going to read was not written by any occultist master. It does not suggest the creation of any new religious sect and is not intended to encourage any kinds of esoteric initiation rituals. This is the truthful report, as much as possible, of a contact that began in 1976 and, since then, has been kept with priceless benefits for all those – few, it is true – who have had the pleasure to meet Bianca and get information about her contact, moved by the honest desire to know more, and not by the absolute and saboteur doubt of those who fear themselves.

        If there are relations between Bianca’s report and the traditions of the esotericism and the occultism, there is one characteristic that distinguishes it in an unmistakable way: the absolutely exoteric way that her extraterrestrial contact, Karran, from planet Klermer, chose to transmit his knowledge.

        To accept or not the existence of UFOs and of human life in other planets of different solar systems from ours or from other galaxies, after this report, will stop being a penurious debate to become what it really is: a practical matter of perception, and not a theoretical problem. The concern here is our own view of the physical universe and the human life, fields in which, just like any other, the truth is a practical problem.

        The report that Bianca gives us about her contact with human beings from other planets does not give an answer to our fearful ignorance with exotic material proof. What she brings us, and this is the biggest proof of all, is a simple revelation, provocative and powerful: the instrument, the mediation, the method that is capable of leading who is seeking bigger understanding of the universe and of the human life to the Socratic experience of the “I know that I know nothing”. Thus, what Bianca brings us is the practical access, by physical means, to the comprehension and to the mastery of the nature of the real knowledge, which is legitimated by the power of perception and action it gives to the individuals.

        It is extraordinary to see the persistency with which Bianca, who did not even finish Elementary school and lived a hard life, defends the truthfulness of her contact, fighting and never giving up against every procedure that may intend to conduct her, her friends and her work to the respectable but obscure paths of mysticism.

        It is true that Karran, when answering Bianca’s questions, talks about the Creator in a way that could remind us of Giordano Bruno’s pantheism. Karran says that we naturally bring a record of the Creator inside of us, and that He is and expresses Himself in everything that exists. Giordano Bruno used to say something very similar to that and was burned at the stake during the Inquisition. But Karran also says that in his planet there is no need for religion, which is most definitely grounded in a deeper and wider perception of the human being’s possibilities.

        There are other links between the content of Bianca’s report and even more ancient events in History. Édouard Schuré explains in his book Les Grands Initiés (The Great Initiates) – see the chapter dedicated to Pythagoras – that the mystical approach, adopted by the initiatory tradition that preceded the birth of the Greek philosophy, was convenient to meet two necessities of those who held the knowledge: preserve it and disseminate it, transmitting it to new students and preserving the physical integrity of the instructors. To reveal that knowledge to everyone, indiscriminately, would be considered a sacrilege, which was punished with death. But there are also historical records that allow us to believe that way before the first pre-Socratic philosophic flashes, the knowledge brought by Karran was already available here on Earth.

        The Egyptian myth of Osiris, who was considered the god of the afterlife for over two millennia, is grounded in the duality of the human existence, represented by the terms “body” and “soul” in the Greek philosophy and in the catholic Christianity; body and spirit for the spiritualists, or, in more accurate terms, related to the results of modern scientific researches, body and consciousness, matter and energy. The Egyptian mummies seem to indicate that the Pharaoh’s kingdom, in which the mummification technique was developed, was a naïve and powerless reproduction of a previous period, in which the knowledge and the power over the relations between consciousness and body were effectively available and operational.

        Plato’s allegory of the cave, as well as his conceptions of reincarnation and of the real knowledge as reminiscence and, still, the assertion that the knowledge he held came from ancient Egypt, allow us to catch a glimpse of the intimate relation between Bianca’s report about her contact with Karran, the ancient initiatory traditions and the beginnings of the Greek philosophy.

        Socrates believed that death was not the end of human life and tried to make people learn more about themselves, not through initiatory procedures, but through the mediation of philosophical reflection. Well, we could think that the first Greek philosophers believed in foolishnesses. There would be a lot of “foolish” wise people to put in the list, whose intuitions followed the same direction. However, it is also possible that the fathers of the Greek philosophy had not told everything they knew… Or maybe the information we have about them is less complete than we thought.

        The method of elenchus, also known as the Socratic method, which is still as modern as it was before, is, as it is demonstrated in Plato’s Dialogues, an effort to find out the stage of consciousness the interlocutor is in and, with him, search for the truth from his own limitations, never going beyond the conclusions the interlocutor could reach through the free movement of his own conscience. It is interesting to observe that the method used by Karran with Bianca is very similar to the Socratic method, and had as fundamental ground that the human beings can only learn from their own limits, and not by immediate subordination to the others’ consciousness, as if it was an object that received its light and its vigor from some exogenous source.

      Aristotle, with all his effort so that the consciousness would turn to the objective world of nature and society, was also concerned about which one actually felt things: the body or the soul. However, what is most relevant to reach what we want to expose in this presentation is the theory of the universals and particulars, formulated by Aristotle. For him, the universals could not be seized as such if not in the abstract field of ideas, which is a magnificent intuition. But it is possible to show that, although it did not have this exact value for Aristotle, this conception refers, indirectly, to the universal order, which, unlike what the founder of the western philosophical tradition thought, does not exist only as an abstraction, but can be seen and touched.

        The universal to which we are referring to here are the fundamental elements of the universe: the Space (which correspond to the air, to the pre-Socratic), the energy (fire), and the matter (earth and water). All that exists in the universe is space. There is nothing in the universe that is not space. Where there is matter, suns, planets, asteroids, gases, cosmic dust, rocks, water, plants, animals and men is always space and energy. However, not always there is matter where there is energy, even if it is space. Therefore, the space is presented as a flow that permeates the bodies and the regions dominated by the solar systems’ electromagnetic and gravitational fields, in which the many forms of energy are produced. This is how we understand the physical universe.

        According to the objective and topographical view, the space is the emptiness that exists between my room’s walls. The wall, in the objective view, is a body and not space, since, as we learned, it occupies a place in space. However, we know that the planet is moving and, therefore, the wall is also moving and flows through the space that permeates it. So, the wall’s limits are not the limits of space, but of the wall itself, just like everything that exists and is a physical body or is considered matter. There is space between my two hands, but if my hands’ limits were the space’s limits, I could never get my hands together. If there is a book between my hands, I will not be able to get them together, but if I take the book away, then, I can, which shows that the limit belongs to the book, and not to the space that exists between my hands. Therefore, everything is space. We do not occupy a place in space, unless in a relative way, because space is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

        In order to admit that space is a constant and unlimited flow that permeates everything, I have to make an intellectual effort, an abstraction that apparently surpasses the limits of the empirical view and shows what it actually is, behind the appearances. The seers and clairvoyants, however, can see without any effort that the matter is translucent and they do not have any doubts about the space’s unlimited and fluent nature, which is indivisible, total and sole.

        There is not much to say about matter. Everyone can see that the world looks like an amount of material objects that have different shapes. When seeing objectively, humans are also among those objects. But we know that matter is not everything. Besides it, there is the space that permeates it, and we also know that matter is energy. But we cannot assume that all forms of energy are matter. If we understand that matter is everything that exists and we can experience, not only the energy but the space itself can be seen as a form of matter. However, if in the abstract level those ideas are equivalent, in the practical point of view we need to distinguish them, because in the universal scientific knowledge, matter is everything that has mass or a body formed by molecules, that are formed by atoms, that are formed by an infinity of particles whose order and operation are still a mystery.

        As for energy, we know that there are forms of this universal element that act on physical elements, but they do not generate molecules. It can change the matter’s state, break it in two, three or more substances or elements, but it does not behave as a physical element, but as a force or power that is able to as said previously. The solar radiation is a form of energy that is not as weightless at it seems, and it is possible that there are, in our own solar system, a series of unknown forms of energy that our indolent sensors cannot perceive, and now, through Kirlian cameras, they start being “seen”.

        As everything else that exists, human beings are also space, energy and matter. You just have to walk from here to there and think how this is possible in space to understand that we are also space. That we have a body, that we are also matter, no one is doubtful, but we are also energy. Sometimes we are depressed, down, lazy, unwilling, unable to keep focused, impatient or short-tempered. And it is curious that it usually happens in excessively hot days, when the sun is overtly strong and the solar radiations punish our bodies. We seem to have something in us that keeps us willing, attentive, ready, calm and capable… And this something loses its strength when the solar radiations and the heat rise excessively. Who never felt this way before?

        We are, therefore, space, physical body, matter, and an active and conscious sensibility, which is energy. We feel and perceive, just like the animals. But, besides all that, we have something that the animals don’t: the conscience. We have many reasons to believe that the consciousness is a nonphysical power, as Karran says. In other words, we believe that, synthetically, the principles that exist in everything else also exist in the human beings: space, energy and matter. But, in this case, the consciousness would be constituted of a different kind of energy than the one that is part of our body. For us, the consciousness is not a capacity of our physical body. It has a nonphysical nature and is able to control the body, with whom it keeps a relation of interdependence, but not of absolute dependence.

        If we take the idea of density as reference, the consciousness would be a kind of energy that forms a different kind of matter that has very low density when compared to the physical body. When I close my eyes and someone touches my toes, I know that someone is touching me. This means that my consciousness has the same shape as my body and it exists in every single spot of it, but it is not my physical body. It works as if it was a record of the affinities and repulsions that exist in the elements. The matter, or the body, also has its own records. The blood, in normal conditions, “knows” what to do when something abnormal enters its cardio-vascular system. Regarding this, see Miroslav Holub’s brilliant article – “Shedding Life” – released on April’s edition of Science Magazine/86. The consciousness knows what is and what is not, it sees, listens, talks, feels, understands. Just like the body, the conscience is born (awakens) and develops (or not). Here is worth mentioning the dreams and out of body experiences, which are very common to a lot of people, even if only a few are able to control them. Either way, it is preferable to follow the objective experience’s itinerary.
A recent example can illustrate the consciousness nonphysical feature. A device developed by the Center of Advanced Studies in Dentistry, in São Paulo, provides topical anesthesia and relaxing of the gum through high frequency electrical impulses (100 per second), alternate with low frequency impulses (40 to 100 per minute), with electrodes attached to the patient’s temple and nape of the head. Instead of pain, the patients claim to feel pleasure from it, such is the relaxation achieved with the treatment. Many, as reported by Jornal do Brasil, complain when the electrodes are actually turned off.

        And what is this? The relaxing and anesthetic effect can be achieved voluntarily. It means that every person, with some training, can set aside his/her own pain. And this is a strong indication that the consciousness is a nonphysical power that is able to rule the organism’s energy and chemical flows, and that raising your mastery upon your body’s functioning is only a matter of practice.

      To the consciousness, the most important system in our body is the sight. We can say we know something when we see it.

        And here we get to the most powerful information that Bianca received from Karran, and in a responsible and generous way, she spreads to all Earth’s inhabitants. The cerebral impulses’ speed can be consciously raised through the physical technique for the achievement of self-consciousness. Its objective is to achieve the self-consciousness, to know who I am, what I am and why me, questions that only make sense if we admit that we are a nonphysical power and this is not the first or the last time we are living.

        What is crucial in this information is its operability. In short, the cerebral impulses are the power that determines the quality of our perception of ourselves and of the physical universe around us. And working to make them faster and faster is more urgent than we think in this time of crisis.

        By speeding up our cerebral impulses, we can get out of our bodies and see that we are a “spirit” that knows, sees, feels, understands, talks and listens, as Karran says. By doing it, we can realize that the matter is clear and that the consciousness is a nonphysical form in space. By doing it, we can fearlessly enter the Solar Era, predicted by Fritjof Capra in his book, The Turning Point.

        Through the physical technique for the achievement of self-consciousness we will finally be able to understand how the “universal that is within the individuals” work, because for every human being, the individual who expresses the universal is being himself/herself. We will also be able to understand the principles of power and act that Aristotle mentioned about the beginnings of the development. We will also see that “with itself” and “for itself”, concepts by which Hegel tried to understand the conscience’s rational development, apply in a much more legitimate and rich way – since it does not exclude the rational consciousness, but potentiates it – to the relation between the cerebral impulses speed and the deepness and extent of the human conscience.

        We will see that if the impulses’ frequency is low, we have what we call a normal conscience, the world of objects, the “language”, while the part that we do not see, Ferreira Goulart’s “vertigo”, is the extent of our possibilities, that we are not taught to see. But if we speed up our impulses, then we will see that we do need the language, the objects, the matter, the body, but we also need clairvoyance, now more than ever.
The physical technique is the much needed mediation by which we can reach the clairvoyance that is possible and deeply rooted within every human being. It is a technique that proves itself by practice, by the lives of those who devoted and still devote one hour or so a day to learn it. But no one should be deluded by this technique’s value. It is not something that should be done mechanically and it should not be confused with mental control, meditation, astral projection, yoga or any other inner space seeking techniques either. It is about a concrete, responsible and persistent work, in which everyone is able to achieve new limits of perception, conscience and self-determination, following its own rhythm. It is physical. Some will make progress faster, others, slower… But everyone can do it, in their own pace, moving towards self-consciousness.

        It is important to highlight that the sensorial capacity that this work develops does not exclude any objective views. Actually, it allows us to evaluate its real value and its need.

        Nowadays, the old dispute between empiricism and rationalism does not make any sense anymore. It is already known that the reality cannot be seen as an object, since our view depends on “sensorial human activity”. In other words, it is not wise to understand the reality as if it is something detached from the experience we have of it. The conscience notices things through physical means, and if the sensors that can be used are not working properly, or are atrophied, what we will see is not the reality itself, but only a depleted image of it, made only of insurmountable objects, since it is everything that can be seen. This is true not only about the reality, but about the universe, the social world and the person’s inner space as well.

        So, if the reality is – beyond the object – human experience and sensorial activity, it also has a subjective dimension to it. And if I am able to raise my sensors’ capacity, I am also able to change the quality of the “reality” I am living in. It will still be the same reality, but I will be able to see a completely different world in it, incredibly vast and full of dimensions and possibilities, unlike the previous one seemed to have. I will also be able to see that, what is now understood as an “immanent reality”, and therefore not picked up by our sensors, will become noticeable to the naked eye. I will get to see that our senses can do everything, since they are also space, energy and matter.

            I had the bliss and the privilege of presenting this piece and to prepare the last version of Bianca’s report to print. Everything was done so that her way of writing and expressing herself were kept intact. What you, reader, have in your hands right now is not just another book, or another report. This is real and serious information, full of consequences and it is also freeing news. This book is, in fact, in a very practical and objective way, a hint of hope in this time of nothingness. It is a platform through which everyone will be able to launch themselves in the search and in the achievement of the uncountable and unthinkable “Possibilities of the Infinity”.

Segui il tua corso, e lascia dir le genti...


Brasília, January/87.


Walter Marques